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Located on the second floor of the Gateway building in downtown Chula Vista...

The doctors at California Medical Injury and Rehabilitation Physicians have a unified mission in changing the perspective of how patients view a visit to the doctor.

We believe that waiting for your doctor is a thing of the past. We feel that doctors should work as a team together to correct your problem. Our medical doctors, chiropractor and physical therapists work side by side to accomplish this. We feel that you, the patient, should have an experience of satisfaction and respect.

Cal-Med physicians treat a variety of injuries as a result of automobile accidents, slip and falls, work injuries, and general injuries from trauma, overuse, or age. Most of our staff are bilingual and an on-site interpreting service is here full-time to prevent miscommunication. We are proud of our team and would like for you to receive the benefit of the care we provide. We look forward to meeting with you.

We accept all insurances, including Medicare and Tricare, and we work closely with attorneys in regard to personal injury and workman's compensation cases. Please contact us at (619) 713-7406 for more information.

California Medical Injury & Rehabilitation Physicians